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The St.Maarten-St.Martin Classic Yacht Club vintage boat MAGNOLIA 1910
Those are some pictures of MAGNOLIA, the 1910 build boat that we have purchased ( and which was partly donated by the previous owner Allard Stamm )
More information and pictures will be posted here all the time.

Latest updates are HERE

Magnolia sailing in Europe

Hauling out of Magnolia at Bobby's Marina in Philipsburg St.Maarten a few years ago after cargo transport from Europe to the Caribbean

Magnolia sailing in the St.Maarten-St.Martin Classic Yacht Regatta 2010
Pictures by Didier Rouxel and Jean Jarreau

Magnolia received a special honorary membership to the
St. Maarten-St.Martin Classic Yacht Club
in recognition of the boat’s 100th birthday at the
Award Giving Ceremony following the
2010 St.Maarten-St.Martin Classic Yacht Regatta

Magnolia 1910 sailing in her first Caribbean St.Maarten
- St.Martin Classic Regatta in 2010

Pictures refit starting November 2012
Go to the latest refit pictures HERE

February 02, 2013
Planks in bow and side ready for filling and finishing

January 26, 2013

Planks ready to be finished

January 22, 2013

Second plank replacement and bow pins filling

January 21, 2013
Replacing a plank ( in the middle of the night...)

January 19, 2013
Placing the wooden pins in holes where we took out old rusted nails and screws.

January 15, 2013 and following days...
Tim is making a new rudder

December 25, 2012

Tim is building a new rudder based on the old one

New rudder being build with modified design

We took some planks away in the bow and this is what we found.
Two eggs from 1910 ???

Mike Stam doing woodwork ( a LOT ! )

Tim checking it out before Mike will start replacing planks

Some planks on the side needs also replacement

How to take out old nails and screws

Drill a small hole in the nail /screw, screw in a small screw, take out everything at once

Filling holes with wooden pins

December 08,2012
Laurent from the advisory board working on Magnolia's hull

December 08,2012
We need to replace a few planks due apparently to an old accident

November 20, 2012
Making a boat shed to have Magnolia 1910 covered against the sun while we start the restoration works. Maria of the Classic Yacht Club in front of the boat.

Rudder will be rebuild in hard wood and the design will change somewhat

Propeller will be changed to a new Flex o Fold folding propeller

Wood looks good, no rotten planks

Lettering will be painted on hull instead of stickers

Leaking everywhere ! Hanging in the slings after two years drying on the hard...

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