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St.Kitts Sailor Philip Walwyn

Today we received the terrible news that our St.Maarten-St.Martin Classic Yacht Club member and good friend Philip Walwyn disapeared at sea.
We've know Philip for many years, have been at his home during the building and launching of his yacht Kate and saw him everywhere in the Caribbean at regattas.
He was a great sailor, a great gentleman and a friendly sailor.
He will be missed and in our hart forever.


Experienced single-handed transatlantic St.Kitts sailor Philip Walwyn found in the sea after apparently falling overboard
The alarm was raised after Philip Walwyn's self build 12 metre yacht Kate was seen by another vessel off the Cornish coast with the sails up and nobody was seen on board the vessel.

Accomplished sailor Philip Walwyn has later on passed away in a hospital after being recovered from the sea.

The 68 year old experienced sailor from St Kitts, who was sailing from Nova Scotia to the Azores and was on his way from there to the UK, had been expected in Falmouth on Monday as he completed his 17th solo crossing of the Atlantic.

Philip Walwyn was in the final hours of his transatlantic voyage to Falmouth when the tragic incident occurred.
His 12m yacht Kate, is a classic yacht replica he built himself with no engine, no instruments and tiller steering.
It is a replica of a 1906 design by renowned Scottish designer Alfred Mylne.
He built the boat himself in a shed with some others, next to his home in St Kitts.
Assisted by five locals from the island with no experience of boat building, he salvaged lead from wrecks to form the keel and made the boat from imported spruce and epoxy resin, in order to stay faithful to the original design.

A lifelong competitive yachtsman and experienced boat builder, he wished to honour the Mylne design with his yacht Kate, so the boat was built without an engine or build in modern instruments.

The St Kitts Yacht Club paid tribute to Mr Walwyn, a past Commodore and “one of the world’s utmost sailing legends.”

In a statement, the club said: “Philip is a man that has come into so many peoples lives and has given his heart and soul to everyone and everything he’s ever encountered.”
“We all give thanks to Philip, to his knowledge and sense of humor; whether it be sea or land. Philip will always be remembered for his heroism, his honor and his very silly sense of humor.
Philip will forever be in our thoughts and our hearts, and we will all remember the wisdom that he has bestowed upon us. Philip, you have touched so many people worldwide. Thank you.”

Philip took part in many Caribbean Yacht Regattas like the St.Maarten-St.Martin Classic Yacht Regatta, Antigua Classics and others.
He was one of the first members of the St.Maarten-St.Martin Classic Yacht Club and visited St.Maarten regulary.

We are publishing here some pictures from a visit at his home while he was building the yacht Kate later on and some regatta pictures.
Also an Interview with his wife Kate that we published in one of the magazines owned by the St.Maarten-St.Martin Classic Yacht Club president.

Kate Spencer Philip Walwyn

Read a story about Philip HERE:


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